Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 Website Upgrades Your Company Should Look At...

Advanced Search

With the advances in web searchability and navigation systems the patience of web users is at an all-time low. If your organization is using an out-dated keyword search that delivers a long mess of somewhat useless results, here are some affordable upgrades:

Find As You Type - The system populates common search phrases, based upon what the user types (you’ve probably have seen this on Google). We have recently integrated an additional feature to this functionality. In addition to the key word or key phrase hints, the system also tells you how many results your search will return. This is a great feature if you’re performing a general or specific search. See an example at (search box is in the top right corner).

Taxonomy or Subject Tagging - This is a must-have feature for websites that are very dense in content. Here’s how it works: when you create a web page in the Content Management System, you can assign it subject tags. When a user wants to search for content they simply select the subject (along with any keywords) for a very specific subset of related content. In addition, you can tag any content type – video, audio, documents, web pages, events, news, and job opportunities, etc. See an example at

Advanced Document Library

Sitemaps are a great way to see the big picture of a website's architecture and web page layout. However, most sitemaps don't show users a directory of documents they can find and view on the website. An advanced document library corrects this problem by providing a sensible, tree-structured sitemap of a website's documents. The value of this functionality can be seen here:

Media Module

We are seeing a major shift in how web users surf for material: studies show that video will soon account for 90% of all Internet traffic. In addition, video and podcasts are great opportunities for Search Engine Optimization. Each video file can be optimized using meta data, title, description, and keywords. Most video platforms are built on the web 2.0 framework, allowing other users to rate, comment, and embed your video on their website. In turn, this offers even more exposure to your organization's content. See an example of our latest Media Module at

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Benefits of Social Networking for Business

It’s Free

Why would a business create a Facebook page, or Tweet about a new project? Executives over the age of thirty might not understand this purpose, but the concept is actually quite simple. It’s free, it’s an advertising medium in which you have the full attention of current and potential clients.

It’s a numbers game
Social Networking allows your organization to create an online network that increases in size with little effort (although more effort certainly pays better dividends). People want to share information with their networks; if your organization offers valuable information your clients will pass it along. The results are new leads and relationships that cannot be obtained using any other advertising medium. The current culture shift is one that leverages communication, interaction, and collaboration. Social networking sites provide the ideal platform to build and grow these profound capabilities.

You get personal
Although social networking platforms are not quite a networking meeting, they are the next closest thing. In many ways they are even more effective. Instead of passing out business cards, you can create dialogue, and continue an on- going correspondence with individuals or groups. These conversations can be public or private based on the nature of the topic. Social networking also allows others to see the personal side of your business. By showing pictures, creating more relaxed content, or writing blogs with a humorous undertone, you can provide your network with a taste of your company’s personality. Most corporate websites do not show this side of their business for fear of looking unprofessional or disreputable.

It’s a culture change, not a fad
Social networking cannot be dismissed as a blip on the Internet radar – we are experiencing a culture change in its infancy. Companies who pioneered in accepting interaction, collaboration, and communication within thier company Intranets, saw better employees, products, productivity, leaders, and group participation. We are watching leaders grow, employees participate, and quiet cultures contribute.

It makes you cool
That’s right. You’ll be cool.

Better Google rankings
Google loves content, and if you are writing content related to your industry you’ll be bettering your chances to get ranked higher. A simple monthly blog adds twelve pages of industry related content to your website a year. I could provide many more examples of this principle, but I’m hoping you’ll call us to hear more.

It’s easy
We can get you set up with a social networking plan, manage your accounts, and provide reporting on the benefits it has created for your business. Call me at 410-750-6499, or visit my Facebook page!