Thursday, September 1, 2011

Web Maintenance Packages: Less Money and More Value than a Website Redesign

Most organizations can’t support a healthy website

We all know that having a fresh, relevant website is important.

But if your organization is like most, you don’t have the resources to:

  • create content

  • format pages

  • start social media campaigns

  • optimize web pages

  • provide design enhancements

  • upgrade technology

Most organizations can’t support a healthy website. So what do they do? They opt for an expensive website redesign. It’s got bells, it’s got whistles, hell it’s got one of those font size adjusters. But are they really solving their problem? In less than two months, their site will have the same press releases, the same Facebook statuses, the same tweets, the same feature articles. People will get sick and tired of clicking that font adjuster button. Remember, most organizations can’t support a healthy website. A redesign is a Band-Aid for a larger problem. It buys you time. It also costs you a lot of money and resources to get up and running. And for what? Two months of, “Dude, awesome site!”

But that’s not a good reason not to have a healthy website

Let’s take a different angle at the issue. If you could take the cost of a typical high-end website (let’s say 20k) and divide that by 24 (the recommended shelf life of a website is 18-24 months) you would have $833.33. If you now invested that $833.33 each month for 24 months into valuable website enhancements, I can guarantee (assuming your vendor is reputable) your website will have the following:

  • More visitors to your site (return and new)

  • Formatted web pages

  • Fresh social media content

  • Professional imagery for your articles and web pages

  • A working search engine

  • An intuitive navigation that is user centric

  • A site map (imagine that)

  • Higher search engine rankings

$833.33 will get you a bit more than 8 hours of service a month. A web design company can do a lot in 8 hours. Your site will always be fresh, relevant and impactful for every one of your visitors. You’ll never have that worried feeling that a potential client is judging your website. You’ll be proud of it. You’ll know it is completely relevant. You won’t care that it doesn’t have a font adjuster.

A few more benefits of a website maintenance plan:

  • you are assigned a team

  • you get monthly reports

  • you receive cost savings on your vendors existing products and services

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Mark Cyphers, President
DC Web Designers